Our mission

Our mission A Message from the Chairman, Michael Rostock - Poplar

Our mission is to keep building a brand of a trusted, inquisitive and independent advisor to our clients in all aspects of their business and investments. We assist our clients as they interact with the competitors, financial markets, consider capital formation and preservation, and analyze their strategic alternatives.


Independent thinking on behalf of our clients comes first and foremost. Our clients come back to us for candid reflection of our thoughts, opinions, advice and informal chat, not necessarily always related to immediate business.

Driven entrepreneurs and managers create companies with growth perspectives and enjoy doing it. In our offices, they ought to feel at home instantly.

Strong Capital Position & Principal Mentality

We understand and appreciate that the most innovative and distinguished financiers in the history of the world have not always operated from the largest scale platforms. As VICF strives to produce some of the most exceptional financial minds in our country, we want to compete with larger competitors through the careful blend of experience, drive and professional insight.

Creating Distinctive Opportunities

Being pro-active in research, deal-sourcing and networking in selected industries gives us a direct access to interesting people and projects in their minds, on their desks and Excel spreadsheets. By matching these with liquidity, we deliver what we have set out do deliver at the inception of the business, liquidity and expertise.