Mergers & Acquisitions

We structure and manage transactional client projects, including the search for and selection of suitable subjects for the purposes of the company's acquisition, merger, or sale. This always means a complex project, in which we closely cooperate both with the client and our legal experts. The goal of these projects is an efficient transaction with the most favourable conditions for our client. In addition to professional management, we also remove information assymetry for both sides.

Over 20 years of experience

Sale advisory

  • We will analyse the state of your company or property, and provide a valuation including a future outlook.
  • We will identify areas with untapped potential, and suggest solutions leading to an increase in the value.
  • We will actively search for suitable investors, introduce the company to them and explain all the necessities.
  • After evaluating the interest of individual investors, we will plan a suitable sale strategy and transaction timing.
  • Ultimately, we will moderate all negotiations and the final agreement, also coordinating legal advisors.

We are at your service throughout the entirety of negotiations and the transaction itself. Thanks to our experience we can smoothly guide you through each step all the way to a successful transaction settlement.

Acquisition advisory

  • We will discuss your options and requirements.
  • In accordance with these, we will analyse the market and select suitable companies. We will subsequently contact them.
  • Based on our analysis, we will prepare a valuation of the chosen company and suggest an offer strategy.
  • Depending on your financing capabilities, we will suggest an acquisition loan, if necessary.
  • We will manage the negotiations and ensure the transaction's smooth development.

For each transaction, our goal is to maximise future income and minimise expense. We represent your interests in each step of the process all the way to the transaction's conclusion.