When buying or selling companies, their valuation is one of the key topics. There is no fixed formula for valuation and each company must be approached individually. Future benefits for a specific potential investor and possible mutual synergies are discussed. At VICF, we therefore analyze the market value of companies or their parts.

Over 20 years of experience

If you need to ascertain the market value of a company, do not hesitate to contact us. We will assemble an experienced team of professionals, which will gradually analyse each element of the valuation process. The resulting valuation is dependent on the purpose of the valuation, and the subject from the perspective of which the valuation is performed. Based on your requirements we will choose a method corresponding to one of three basic concepts:

  • Analysis and discounting of future cash flows
  • Analysis of the current market situation and market comparison
  • Valuation of corporate property

During valuation we always consider both the current and future economical status of the enterprise. Our expert studies are always made from an objective viewpoint, and we provide absolute confidentiality for our clients. We utilise international standards, which are suitable for enterprises of all sizes, and are respected everywhere in the world.