Venture capital / Fundraising

We are not afraid to invest in start-ups with an interesting idea, or innovators which want to make a difference in their environment. We understand that a good idea needs sufficient time for growth. This way you do not have to rely on your own resources or a binding bank loan. One of the goals of our company is promoting growth and innovation in businesses. For this reason we also operate in venture capital.

Over 20 years of experience

Venture capital

  • We are not "just" advisors, we are also technology and new challenges enthusiasts, who often invest our own funds in promising projects.
  • In addition to our money, we also offer ourselves to our projects, with decades of practical experience and an extensive portfolio of contacts.
  • We usually invest in tandem with our long-term friends and previous clients from various industries, and thus provide additional value to starting entrepreneurs.
  • We optimise new service business models, financial projections, and human resources strategy.
  • At the same time we respect the individuality of the founders, and we help, advise, mentor, bud not direct.


  • Our contacts include a wide selection of angel investors, as well as local and international venture capital funds.
  • We can help you fine-tune your initial information documentation, and the financial section of your business plan.
  • We select appropriate potential investors, and introduce them to your project and the possibility of investment.
  • During the entire process we protect your interests, and cooperate with you on creating a suitable approach.
  • We aim for maximised valuation of your company, and fair conditions for you and your investors.